How Dapper Dogs Can Save a Breed

How Dapper Dogs Can Save a Breed

Stainton’s is proud to partner with Bully Bows in their efforts to help dogs across the country! New to Stainton’s, Bully Bows sells fun collars, leashes, and—of course—bow ties to help tackle the stigma of bully breeds like Pit Bulls. They also donate a portion of their proceeds to shelters and other animal-related charitable organizations.

From the owner: “Why Bully Bows? The idea came after rescuing Kaighn, my amazing Pit Bull from a local shelter. He had a tough first year or two of his life and has settled very nicely into his new home. Kaighn wanted the world to know the reputation of Pitties wasn’t true.

Like so many other dogs in his predicament, he was treated poorly, fought to survive, and longed for the love and affection of a human companion. One day I found a clip-on bow tie and placed it on Kaighn’s collar. He received so many smiles and compliments on our daily walks. From that day on I thought that all dogs should have an opportunity to wear their Sunday’s best every day. That is how the idea of Bully Bows was formed.

While the face of the company is bully breeds we love and service all pets and provide low cost high quality supplies for your best friend. Our mission is to not only provide you with a great product but to also help dogs across the country. Each month, Bully Bows will be sharing a portion of its proceeds with different charities and shelters. Monthly, we will announce the name of the shelter or charity those proceeds will be going toward. Your purchases will not only make your pet look great but help dogs in need.”

Want to support this heartwarming cause? Stop into Stainton’s to buy Bully Bows for your pup or simply donate to their cause at the register!


Adopt Your Furry Soulmate!

Adopt Your Furry Soulmate!

Did you know the Humane Society of Ocean City is more than 50 years old? They were founded in 1964 and continue to offer Ocean City, NJ, pets and pet owners affordable services.

This month, Stainton’s is partnering with them to help our furry friends find forever homes and affordable veterinary care. Visit them in person or at to donate time, money, or supplies—and, of course, to find your furry soulmate!

From the HSOCNJ:

“We stand behind our mission statement: Providing the highest level of compassion and service to our animal friends.

We’re thankful to be supported by the community, which is why we help our community in return. We aim to have affordable rates and find homes for animals who’ve been abandoned or rescued from bad environments. While we started as a pet adoption center, we have expanded to offer spay and neuter services, a vet hospital, and animal control services. Visit our big red barn today to meet the pets available for adoption. Your donation is used wisely—$0.93 of every dollar donated directly benefits the homeless animals in our care!”